The FUL brand was founded by Al Gossett & Justin Timberlake, the singer, songwriter, actor & record producer. FUL’s inspiration behind the products is music. Designed in Memphis Tennessee, the home of BB King, Justin Timberlake and the king, Elvis. Music brings people together, inspires creativity and appeals to a broad demographic across all genres. That’s how FUL feels about their bags – there is something for everyone in the collection. Celebrities love FUL and here are just a few who have been spotted carrying FUL bags……Taylor Swift, Tommy Lee, Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Pink, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, Will.i.am, amongst many others. 

FUL - Workhorse Hybrid Rolling Duffel
FUL Air Dash Duffel Bag Sold out
FUL Blade 61cm Suitcase Midnight Blue
FUL Blade 71cm Suitcase Midnight Blue
FUL Hexar backpack
FUL Upload Backpack
FUL Overton Backpack
FUL Nomad Backpack
FUL Momentor TX1 Backpack
FUL Payload 61cm Silver Case
FUL Load Rider 71cm
FUL Brickhouse backpack Sale
FUL Revolver 76cm Hybrid Rolling duffel
FUL Streamline Split-level Rolling duffel